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Just One Day - Gayle Forman "What if the real question is not to be, but how to be?"

Instead of a sappy love story of falling in love in "just one day," Allyson is trying to figure out who she really needs and wants to be, who just happens to meet a guy she may or may not fall in love with. If you have not read the description of the book or happen to forget all its details (in my case I forgot) then I suggest you don't. It gives a lot away and you end up figuring out what happens to Allyson.

With out giving too much away, Allyson is a high school graduate on an European tour with her best friend. She goes through a series of events that make her wonder who she really is and makes a decision that will ultimately lead her to self discovery.

Gayle Forman's writing is simply wonderful. When reading Allyson's journey you are immediately filled with the same thoughts and emotions as Allyson. Her experience becomes your own and you're left filled with wanderlust.